Reviews for "Deflector"


I liked it, it was a good idea for a game. I found it a bit difficuly though, but that's my opinion. And not being able to submit your score is a bit disappointing. Overall, great job.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... it's a tough game, but not impossible : - )


This was quite the game, at first i was quite addicted, i've beaten it several times on hard, but it wasn't always easy ;)
great game, i enjoyed it, you've got my praises

the game was great <("<)

the game was great. it had some lag and the sound was off a little other than that it was good.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... hmmm maybe reduce the graphics quality if the game is lagging.


i like that you can draw a line straight through your own planet and it'll tunnel your enemies' shots through it. seems like you've done some complex programming. (or is that a glitch? lol)

its fun

a little anoying at first when u get the hang of it it gets pretty fun