Reviews for "Deflector"

good stuff.

I loved the space invaders-type style. Very fun twist to these type games, a great addition to the defense series.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : - )


In response to lvl 7, you have to get a projectile bouncing off the sphere at just the right angle so it bounces back at you, and then you have to hit it back at the sphere again and she goes down pretty easy.

freeworldgroup responds:

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i did not finish the game. it has a bug.

missiles can only bounce One Time on the electric forcefield.

if and when you form it like a bowl, the missile can bounce on One side of it, but not the other. This means that it flies right Through the forcefield.

Is this really to consider as a bug? yes, i do believe.

Nevertheless, you've created one original game here.

*Praise Praise Praise*

bla blah, it's cool

*praise praise*


i put 2 on humor. When the triple,shot is activated, the result can become very intense and rather funny. Lots of missiles flying everywhere, really fun and funny! I laughes pretty much the first time. We tend to laugh as defence from some things.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... hmmm not a bug, on purpose : - )

This game is adictive; be warned, but its worth it

the game play is hypnotizing!! aaarrrgg!!
but further about the game
-its starts of easy, and gets harder and harder
-its involves skill and not just clicking the mouse button like a R-tard
-there is not way to simply beat the game, u kinda need a tactik, because if u just start deflecting the bombs in any direction, then they will all come back at the same time and beat you
-there are good 'upgrades'
-its not that when you are into the game and feel like your wining that you suddenly get "GAME OVER" because extra lives are deducted from your points

so all in all, this is a game worth your time!

Good Job!

This was a good game!

-The graphics style you used was cool
-it gave it a real 3d look! I liked the style of play
-like how you deflect the orbs!
-instead of "buying" upgrades, you can just collect them!
-i didnt think much of the sound, it was too cheesy

so overall fantastic, i found nothing that sucked except for the sound! Keep working on this!