Reviews for "Deflector"

It's like defending the star wars death star

This is a cool game i would defantly play it all the time if i had the chance

at last..

At last, something pure and original, not just stolen and renamed. Great job, nice idea, good graphics and addicting gameplay.

freeworldgroup responds:

phew! Thanks : - )


Very cool game!!! It reminds me a lot the old space invaders!!!

freeworldgroup responds:

yep, it does have that feel to it : - )

A shining classic of defence games.

Words can't begin to describe how brilliantly innovative this game is. Compared to static or even moving defence games, this was unique, refreshing and ultimately fun to play. Although diversity in weapons and enemies was lacking, the few that are - and the layouts of each level - there make the game much more challenging

Well done

well done game. Didn't think it'd be as good as it really was. Only weakness to the game is the repeating music. It sux. Needs to be a way to turn it off while keepin the sound effects... instead of muting everything. Good job though.