Reviews for "Deflector"

at last..

At last, something pure and original, not just stolen and renamed. Great job, nice idea, good graphics and addicting gameplay.

freeworldgroup responds:

phew! Thanks : - )

very well done :)

Graphics: nice but a little bland and dated looking. nothing spectacular but nothing horrible either.

Style:nice. the high point of this title. depends on your tastes but i loved it.

Sound:good quality and fitting for the scene but a little repetitive after awile.

violence: this could easily be an E game... but thats not a bad thing.

Interactivity: I judge this by what you do in the game and how simple it is to do it. doesnt get much easier than point and drag and it is the whole basis of the gameplay, but making lines is ALL you do.but you pull this off very smoothly

Humor: none

overall: this is one of those games ill be playing 4 months from now.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : - )

Unique in it's own way! ^^

Wow, this is something that i know i'll play over and over again. The idea's unique, I like that. Make stuff like a timed mode, or a challenge mode lol. That'll be sweet...

Cya later man!

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... good idea about the timed mode : -)


its a fun game and definately a new concept too the defense genre. couldnt get passed lvl 6 though.

yeah its good

its good but there are two things that freakked me out i mean on the first level everything was normal and that i would be able to pass this while even fucking my bedside hocker but when i got to the second level they dindt stop shooting so i was killed whitin the second but luckly the game was so addicting that i just kept playing until i passed it and the other thing that bothered me why the hell where they shooting the crust off of the earth i mean yeah its a game so no one gives a shit about it but you can make it a little more realistic you could have put that every shoot that hit the earth was like a nucler bomb and if eventually if they shot it too much everyone on earth died or that the earth blew up i mean seriously why would anyone waste a million soldiers trying to take the crust off of earth i meanyeah they like destroying things but they clearly knew that if they destroyed earth they would not kill our race i mean if we can make spaceships we can surely get the fuck out of earth in time, and in that case why dindt earth send a million soldiers to accompany me in defending earth i mean they left the fate of the world to one soldier? all im saying is that you can make tis game a little more realistic