Reviews for "Deflector"


Yeah well that was great really enjoyed that made me clam down a bit to play it lol wasit to happy be4 i played but it made me clam down so i colud kill them great thanks 4 that man took me 2-3 lvls 2 find out what i had 2 do (i was so pissed i didit read the help thing lol) but once i got it, it was great music was ok maby have more next time and a few new enamis and a boss or 2 well there might of been a boss i didit play all the way thogh had 2 go 2 work if there is a boss then my bad and good work on it ill see him when i play it agin or if its not there then ill see the normal enams agin lol hope u can read most of that my spellings not so hot and its late im sure that doesit help well im of 2 bed thatnks 4 the game keep making plz the great 5 for you sir.


love the idea... but us the score ment to encrease even if you fail a lvl?

freeworldgroup responds:

yeah... we may change that ...


Really good game I enjoyed playing. It was entertaining and well thought out. The graphics were decent. Overall it was just really good.

freeworldgroup responds:

glad you liked it : - )


its a fun game and definately a new concept too the defense genre. couldnt get passed lvl 6 though.

yeah its good

its good but there are two things that freakked me out i mean on the first level everything was normal and that i would be able to pass this while even fucking my bedside hocker but when i got to the second level they dindt stop shooting so i was killed whitin the second but luckly the game was so addicting that i just kept playing until i passed it and the other thing that bothered me why the hell where they shooting the crust off of the earth i mean yeah its a game so no one gives a shit about it but you can make it a little more realistic you could have put that every shoot that hit the earth was like a nucler bomb and if eventually if they shot it too much everyone on earth died or that the earth blew up i mean seriously why would anyone waste a million soldiers trying to take the crust off of earth i meanyeah they like destroying things but they clearly knew that if they destroyed earth they would not kill our race i mean if we can make spaceships we can surely get the fuck out of earth in time, and in that case why dindt earth send a million soldiers to accompany me in defending earth i mean they left the fate of the world to one soldier? all im saying is that you can make tis game a little more realistic