Reviews for "Deflector"

great game, just one thing

i found this a great game, nice idea, it could have let me played some more if there wasn't this annoying sort of bug in the game

you see, in stage 7, the round thing totally on the left top, when youve killed all the other things and that is the only one left, you cant hit him, because your bullets are too slow, he hides too quickly, or he comes back too slow, pls take a look at it,
but at a overall, this is a very amusing game, they should make it on the ds :P
thx for watching my review
make some more games, you can do it

freeworldgroup responds:

see comments below - it can be killed : - )


i liked this game a lot, the music was a bit repetitive, and i couldnt find a pause feature, but then i clicked the menu button and it paused it.
so, have a good day!

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : - )

real good

really original never seen a game like it but the same as the guy(or guyette) under me


This game rocks :D

Out of this world!!

Ive never played a game like this, it kind of reminds me of thoose old ping-pong games, but anyway I like it, I like it quite a lot actually. One of the things that I like best was the addictive factor of it. Someone coould play this for a few hours. I also like the fact that you put the power ups where the ships are, this way you dont get distracted when trying to power up and your mind can stay on the game. So, very welldone, I hope to see more games like this around. Be good to see a sequel?