Reviews for "Deflector"

Most Fun I've had in a while

Great work on this. Would love to see a sequel with more levels and power-ups. Final score on Normal: 68100 Now to try hard mode...

freeworldgroup responds:

nicely done : - ) not easy winning the game : - )

Great Game

This is a great game that I could spend hours on, except I got stuck on level 7, the shielded enemy was too far away to have it fire, deflect and hit for a kill.

freeworldgroup responds:

position your shield as close to the edge of the outer circle as possible - the missile should deflect back in time - you just have to get your aiming right... alternatively, try to kill in before it is the last one alive. : - )


Excellent game, man. Keep the good work!

For all the sissy kids who couldnĀ“t go past the 7th level: GROW UP!

I finished the game. It has no bugs.
If you people give up that easily on something, wait until something really challenging comes to you.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... yeah that ship on level 7 can be killed pretty easily... just needs good positioning and timing... or kill it before it is the last.

i really liked it

it was a refreshing change to the generic defense games
the only thing that i think you should work on is the difficulty you should make it gradually increase difficultly and not increase so drasticaly

I could think of what this game would be like, but it was much better than I thought. I really like the music. It was really interesting to have a game that kept you on your toes so much (I say that too much). My favorite upgrade was the one where there were three balls made. Then again, I couldn't really understand the other upgrades, or powerups. It's just a very good game.

At least it managed to win Daily 3rd. There is always something going on here. The sounds were quite good and synched up very well. I like how the enemies have different designs. I'm still not quite sure what their differences are in terms of attack and hits needed to destroy.