Reviews for "Deflector"

Good job

This is a very addictive game!!! I could go days before quitting.... nicely done on this one

freeworldgroup responds:

glad we got you addicted :- )

That was very creative of you!

Very nice. I loved the concept, and the execution was perfect. This is definitely a great game!


Damn good game. Graphics run great, no bugs that I have found in the game. I like that you need your mouse, makes it better to play at work. Thanks and make some more good ones like this.


finally beat it it is an awsome and intense game the spread upgrade is both helpful and unhelpful expescially on the last lvl this game is also addicting as hell
thanx for a good game hope there is a part 2


Really Great Game! I had fun for an hour serious. Make more defence games!

freeworldgroup responds:

yep we will : - )