Reviews for "Deflector"

Fun but....

It got way too hard way too fast...



You get all my points. Great work. Simple, fun, great looking and addictive like crack. Finally beat it on hard with about 20 continues :D

so hard

i'v beaten it on easy but it's so f***ing hard!!!! : (

Out of this world!!

Ive never played a game like this, it kind of reminds me of thoose old ping-pong games, but anyway I like it, I like it quite a lot actually. One of the things that I like best was the addictive factor of it. Someone coould play this for a few hours. I also like the fact that you put the power ups where the ships are, this way you dont get distracted when trying to power up and your mind can stay on the game. So, very welldone, I hope to see more games like this around. Be good to see a sequel?

love it!

I love this game... simple premise, very well executed... The only thing that HEAVILY annoyed me was because I suck at aiming, so I won't take any points away for it: I kept trying to get the powerups but kept missing them.... All the more annoying when there were like 4 spreads out there... and then, EVERY TIME a shot was going straight towards it, they would dissappear at that exact moment... made me want to smash the screen with my keyboard ^^ Ah well... a reason for me to try and get better...

Awesome addicting game, keep making these!