Reviews for "Deflector"

I could think of what this game would be like, but it was much better than I thought. I really like the music. It was really interesting to have a game that kept you on your toes so much (I say that too much). My favorite upgrade was the one where there were three balls made. Then again, I couldn't really understand the other upgrades, or powerups. It's just a very good game.

At least it managed to win Daily 3rd. There is always something going on here. The sounds were quite good and synched up very well. I like how the enemies have different designs. I'm still not quite sure what their differences are in terms of attack and hits needed to destroy.


Take that gir muahahaha :) good game.

Ok bit slow

Interesting concept but too much of the same thing gets boring. Also hard to aim.


It has a good concept, but it's just too simple, so simple that you can only get 5-10 minutes of fun without getting bored.


its ok..but its boring after a few levels and the music loop is really annoying