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I Dont Want To Be Here

As I walk down the darkened road, past the tiny streaks of light that paint its dull walls, I look up into the stars and gaze upon them. The twinkling balls of white cluster together, forming a never ending universe of bewilderment and chaos. They sit so still in the quiet sky, yet far away on a distant world they may not be there. Their forms travel across the universe, past all of its wonder, and look into my eyes. They smile at me and caress my body. I see them as they see me, and for an instant I am one with the stars.

I fly off ahead, into the milky shadows. They carry me into their arms, and I watch as the earth below me gets smaller and smaller until it is but a marble in the abyss of the unknown. Now I float in a never ending picture of twisting light and forms that piece together everything that once was and wont be. They sit, undiscovered, unlooked upon by any eye, untouched by any soul, forgotten and left behind in the dust of the big bang. I reach my hand out and try to hold them against my weak body, but can not. I am trapped here, inside these bars, looking out upon the stars that confuse my spirits.

I close my eyes and feel the life drain from my body. Tears fell to the ground below and land onto the reality that holds me. The black road that I stand upon carries my tear, and engulfs it into nothingness. I look into the windows of my home, and walk inside to sleep and dream of the universe.

(((This song brought me to tears. I feel so depressed right now, lost in thought. I do not know how to express myself anymore than I already have, but know that this piece is truly wonderful. I always have wondered outside, attempting to get away from reality. My parents would send me to go walk the dog, and I would take the time to think about life while looking into the stars. I could get pretty close to them, but then I would immediately realize the thought of flying towards them was simply impossible. I feel love for this song... I really do. Thank you for making it.)))

BatesyBates responds:

Wow, thanks for this amazing review!

Too good to be true

This song reminds of every memory , and makes me feel VERY relaxed. Thanks for posting this up... Favourited this song , hehe.

BatesyBates responds:

Cheers, much appreciated! :D

Amazing Piece of Music!

This Music is just amazing. I loved it, and has an extremely nice effect. May I use this as my Background music for a Trailer I'm making? It would go perfectly.

10/10. Keep up the heart-stopping work mate. :)

BatesyBates responds:

Thanks for the review! Of course you can use this! :D

I love this song!


BatesyBates responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks! =)

I love this!

I love this piece of music it's gorgeous to listen to. Do you have the score for this and Graceful? I was wondering if you could send them to me? I would love to attempt to play them myself.
Anyway since it's a review; This is an amazing piece that really does go with a title. I can't believe it took so little time to make (as you said in your user comment) I like the middle section. It really ties in with the piece and still keeps the overall feel. Its great :)