Reviews for "Mega Man 8 - Grenade Man"


I'm just now beginning to notice how ironic it is that just about all of the themes in Megaman 8 sounded calm-ish, and had a flute in them... either way, you're still making great remixes from them, and that earns you a 5up!

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

ZombiePosessor responds:

Haha, they did sound calm. I tried to kind of rock them out a little, because when that game came out I was always like "Man, this song would sound awesome w/ guitars." Thanks for the review, lol.

Hmm I remember this song

I really liked this song it brought back memories and I think I am going to play megaman 8 again, hey do you remember how insane grenade man was lol!

BTW, The songs in megaman 8 were all like calm and trancy! Which was cool of course, keepo up the good work ZOmbie!


I think we could all agree that genenademan was the bess of the MM8 bosses (yes even tenguman) Perfect work! Espeically with that flute

ZombiePosessor responds:

Haha, sweet, Grenade Man WAS a badass.

no i'm grenade man

beautirific. sorry got a thing for the blow up stages. finger lickin good stuff.

nice remix

dude, this should have been in the game instead(sry capcom, its true), u did an outstanding job on this stage remix