Reviews for "Mega Man 8 - Grenade Man"

Hmm I remember this song

I really liked this song it brought back memories and I think I am going to play megaman 8 again, hey do you remember how insane grenade man was lol!

BTW, The songs in megaman 8 were all like calm and trancy! Which was cool of course, keepo up the good work ZOmbie!


I'm just now beginning to notice how ironic it is that just about all of the themes in Megaman 8 sounded calm-ish, and had a flute in them... either way, you're still making great remixes from them, and that earns you a 5up!

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

ZombiePosessor responds:

Haha, they did sound calm. I tried to kind of rock them out a little, because when that game came out I was always like "Man, this song would sound awesome w/ guitars." Thanks for the review, lol.