Reviews for "Mega Man 8 - Grenade Man"

nice remix

dude, this should have been in the game instead(sry capcom, its true), u did an outstanding job on this stage remix

no i'm grenade man

beautirific. sorry got a thing for the blow up stages. finger lickin good stuff.

very nice

I heard this and immediately remembered how easy he was to defeat, all you needed was a little clown man specialty and ur good =]
But i am getting off track, You did very good in blending it together, nice synths
Keep it up, maybe the other bosses of mm8? (i know that one the best)


Sorry about the repetitiveness of my reviews. Some of the words are probably getting old, LOL. The guitar and bass are sweet in this song bud. The sythns are good also. Ok can't really think of anything else to write right now, so next.


I think we could all agree that genenademan was the bess of the MM8 bosses (yes even tenguman) Perfect work! Espeically with that flute

ZombiePosessor responds:

Haha, sweet, Grenade Man WAS a badass.