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Reviews for "The Christmas Hats"

i really enjoyed this

quite funny and i loved the style good job :D

PenguinLink responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for the review.

Pretty cool flash!

I liked how you put some respect for the hats of Christmas, they need respect too!

Graphics 8:

Pros: Nicely put together, carefully made.

Cons: Mouth movement was to fast and it was just lacking something.

Style 10:

Pros: Original, well thought.

Cons: If I vote 10 there are no cons

Sound: 7:


The violent works were a thing of magic, cool sounds, and the Christmas music.

Cons: No voice acting

Violence: 8


You put a nice fight scene together.

Cons: Censored fights.

Interactivity 1:

Pros: Woo-hoo, play button!

Cons: No more interactivity?

Humor: 5:

Pros: The overall story was funny

Cons: It could've been funnier

Overall 7:

Pros: Nicely put together flah, I voted a 3.

Cons: Like any other flash, it could be better.

Good job.

PenguinLink responds:

Thanks for the rather long review and structured criticism. I really appreciate it.


i vote 5 =^-^=

PenguinLink responds:

Thanks a lot! Thanks for the review. :)