Reviews for "C picks his nose"

Stop picking your nose!

Or else it will bleed!

I hated the song. :(



Well, I guess the flashing background was kind of cool...


Well, I think it was kind of... I dunno... I just think you can do a lot better than this. Maybe add a pre-loader, and not have it as the same thing over and over again...?



IT MADE ME BLIND!!! Im dead inside cause of you!!! The song was funny, but in bad shape!!! You can do so much better!!!


is there some sort of mesage ur trying to gert accross. the flashing made me pass out for a few minutes and all i can think of is not picking my nose.......lucky i did it a while ago eh lol


weird and incoherent

what humour was supposed to be apparent? how is this meant to be witty? I'm still confused. this animation seems like a sesame street inspired jab at a singer who has no connection with sesame street.