Reviews for "Dress Up DK 2: Christmas"

I can make dk have an expanded D O N G

This game rocks like a bag full of rocks.

I can't vote because of Jack, and I'm not waiting so I'll review it UNDER MY OWN FREE WILL. Lots of ideas (some of them mine : ) ). Only thing it's lacking in is violence, which is hard in a dress up game, but the hoog brings violent thoughts to my brain.

Merry Christmas Arseholes, And A happy New Year.

jackash101 responds:

That's what it's there for. ;) Glad you liked it.

Hehehe cute??

Haha if u zoom in on the iPod it says this:

Chop Seuy
System Of A Down
Chop Suey! EP

hehe and the little blue bar GROWS!!! hehe

i LOVE the straight jaket!! hehehe you should do one with ALL the DK crew, ya know, donkey, diddy, tiny, lankey, chunky, and cranky hehehe

~^_^~ kiyu!!

-Kit~Kat, BMXbrat-

i found the SOAD easter egg

ON the ipod :P zoom in really really close to see it on diddy kong.
Anyway it was fun only for about 3 minutes ><.


Cool...but there should be some more options.