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Reviews for "The rise of -"

I really loved the track and was hoping to use it in a student project. It will be distributed non-commercially via youtube. Please get back to me on that.


There can not be a too high rating for this song. I feel like i am about to fight a final boss or i am in an ending cutscene. Great job.

Tomppaah responds:

Thank you! :D 10/5 points for this review.

Epically, but...

Man, it is more tremendous. I like these chords, they very much inspire))) but... This song does not have not enough "weight"... "Energy"... I do not know, how it is exact to tell, but though it is enough tools, there is no epic energy. Slightly))
Though, it can be and reflected...

As to quality - I in a shock (((I do not know how you have made it. Wrote down a sound of real tools, or the special software? %u041E_%u043E

your inspiration

sounds like you some definite inspiration from metal gear solid/ dark night?


I found out about this from your forum signature and I don't regret it XD. Outstanding work, 10/10!