Reviews for "Snow Trouble!"

too little kiddish for me

sorry not tryin to put anyones game down or nuttin but its more for my little 5 year old sister than for me


This was okay, but it could of been better.


Naturally u will get bored of the same song playing it self again n again(Honest.I hung on to lvl 20 then i quit :p).the boy is colorful but the trolls/monsters/whatever/ghost /etc/ simply are very ugly.I rather you gave him a more nicer look.Players don't like to see ugly faces every time they play a level right?Yeah.I am right.Plus put more bonuses at the lvl 20+s.I dun really get much then got killed.
Good Points/opinions:
1.Interesting Idea.Same as "Snowy".
2.Nice,with bonuses.Pls add bosses along,too.The same thing and maps get bored after some time.
3.nice extra attack from the strongest monster.Pls add more attacks in the future.They will be very interesting.
4.Nice snowball coloring.
5.I dun think anybody will get sick of the rainbow colored boy-He's darn colorful.Keep it up!
6.More bonuses.
7.Can't he pick up the snowball?that can give u an idea(The big snowball)
8.Go for "Ice Frost"(Same as the attack for the strongest monster" Attack for the Blue monster.
Bad Points:1. Same bonus *again n again n again n again.
2.Same maps.read from "*" at bad point 1.
3.Same monsters.They only get more or something.Pretty boring n we're all sick of seeing the same monsters and the same face again------blah blah bla...Add more monsters since u're making SOO much levels.
4.Is there a boss?I dunno.Add one boss per 10 levels pls!Killing the same things are boring,you know.You gotta test your game and ask ppl to help u test it too.You'll naturally say this is good work cos u made it,n no matter what u can't avoid it.

N i wana say a thank you for making the game-pretty boring once u got the hang of it.

wtf? its a ripoff

it's an exact clone of psycho goldfish's deep freeze and not even well done. wtf were you thinking? Get your own game or at least do it better...

i liked it, very good

well i liked the story line .good sound good flash :)