Reviews for "Snow Trouble!"

Snowy Bubble Bobble!!!!

Love the Bubble bobble feel to it! This game was a good deal of fun to play. Great job. I hope to see more from you, as anything that can kill my day away is always welcome!



It was a fairly good game at first with some good mechanics but went downhill form there. The graphics were slipshod, not good whatsoever i just didnt like the art style at all. The gameplay wasn't bad it had fun upgrades but not much else. The sound was not bad got annoying but not bad, had some good sound effects.

~good points~
Fun for a little while
Good mechanics
Feels like bubble bobble.
Good sound effects

~things to improve upon~
Make more mechanics
Make the guy start out faster
add some more music


Really really wow!! Thats awsome! You actually managed to steal the game then make it worse!Congratulations

pretty good game ya have there

It was fun for a while, then wasnt. But for the time it was fun, it was pretty good.

bubble bobble with a twist.

I like bubble bobble, so why wouldn't I like this. yes it's a little kiddish, but I like it.