Reviews for "Tricky Madness 2"

What? no 50 for Violence?

Very gory, even for your tastes. Missing the slight comedy that comes with most of the other madnesses, but oh well there. As for the religious people who watch this and are offended, this is what I have to say to them: this is the internet, the most secular, nondenominational, outrageously offending place on the earth. There is a disclaimer on the movie page that says "extreme violence" and "explicit text" that means, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, SO DONT COMPLAIN TO THE MAKER OF THE FLASH. I personally did not like the "tricky bangwhatever" flash, but that was because I personally dont find dicks funny, to each their own right? But no nudity in this one, so im ok with it.

Nice :)

this didnt phase me too much. for some reason this reminds me of happy tree friends... i wonder why ;). nice job on violence. dont no why people are freaked out though... the characters dont even have legs... or arms for that matter. loved it all the same, so keep up the good work


this is awesome I give you a ten

Holy shit that was actually bad ass.

and no not just because your god but I liked the idea of a twisted fucked clown anighalating everything in sight in the sickest twisted way possible. I can see in the news now....

Our top story tonight: Krinkles, the renowned flash artist of the famous flash series, Madness, became exclusivly ill this past week causing him just last night at 10:53 to self destruct the bio energy labratory in ???, Nevada, causing a death toll of 366. Further news as to why as research developes.


i love this make moar !!!