Reviews for "Laguna - Golden Machine Gun"


Auther i lve this song Rating full all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The original makes my heart skip a beat everytime. I'm a complete FF Fangirl, and moreso a Laguna Fangirl. The music was so innovating and I neevr got bored. And to have this version too. WHOOO!! <3

Reminds me of the epic battle scene I had once, dressed as Laguna as a Soldier. :3 GOOD TIMES. <3

Gario responds:

Thanks for the kind words... wait, you dressed as Laguna in an epic battle?

Man, I'd figure that kind of outfit would wear you down at least a little bit, eh?

Whoa, awesome.

You use Reason? I do too :D

This is a real nice blend of instruments. AWESOME work, man!

DL'd for sure :D

Gario responds:

Why yes I do use Reason. Reason 3.0, to be precise... damn I wish I had access to THOR :(

Glad you liked it, though - power to you, fellow Reason user.

Been looking for a while...

I've been looking for this beat for such a long time! Thank you for uploading this because it does sound truly amazing! You did a great job with the clarity and the sounds were very well done. Awesome work here!

Enhancing something so awesome!

You took the only redeeming factor of Final Fantasy VII (the game sucked, the only good thing was this song) and you've made it even more epic!