Reviews for "Laguna - Golden Machine Gun"

Laguna <3

Hands down one of the best FF songs. A little boring after too many battles, but this definately spices it up a bit!
Although it felt a little...off sometimes. I'm sure you can make it better, but it sounds great! Keep up the good work!

Gario responds:

'Off'? I appreciate your concern, so I'd like to know what you mean, there. Rhythmically? Melodically/Harmonically? Something else?

I'm glad you like it, anyhow.


Auther i lve this song Rating full all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nice work sounds pretty awesome

Hyper Rave... very nice.

Like most fans, this is one of my favorite musics in FF8.

Though for the most part, I find little faults... I like those off-beat machine gun sounds; they may not line up, but they do add some flavor to the music. I love it.

Gario responds:

I'm glad you like the odd gun sounds, there... I can't help it, I'm a sucker for SFX, myself.

Laguna was certainly one sexy beast, and had a great track in FF8. I'm glad this mix is living up to his notoriety, so far.

Aside from a few minor things, loved it!

I had seen you post this for review on OCRemix, and am glad you put this here as well. Laguna's theme is one of my more favorite FF songs, so you immediately are in good favor with me. :P

That being said, there's 2 things I noted that could be fixed to make this even better.

1) The machine gun/grenade effects you used from Laguna in FF8 just don't seem to jive with the song in my opinion. The gun sounds slightly off-tempo (which can't be fixed unless you slow the song down a tiny bit).

2) During 3 parts in the song, I was getting a soft, very high pitched tinny sound coming out of my right headphone from 2:12 - 2:27, again at 2:37 - 2:47, then once again from 3:34 - 3:56. It was very distracting, and sounded like a misplaced note.

Other than that, loved the song, and hope you can make it even better and get it posted to OCRemix. :)

Gario responds:

Thanks for the honest review, dude!

This will be revised sometime pretty soon (although the revision will not be posted here - I rather like having a unique Newgrounds & OCR edit of the same track), so you can keep an eye out for it on OCR.

The gun sound wasn't actually supposed to line up - it just so happens to almost work that way, so I won't be adjusting for it. I have a personal preference towards the SFX, so they'll probably stay, too. To each their own.

The squeaky sound is a part of the drum set. I'll center pan it more so it's less distracting - thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks for the review!