Reviews for "Laguna - Golden Machine Gun"


This guy needs to work for square enix making this sort of epic sound track. Holy crap man...I lost my breath listening to this.



Holy Shit!!!

Wow this is awesome, nice job keep the good work. :D


The original makes my heart skip a beat everytime. I'm a complete FF Fangirl, and moreso a Laguna Fangirl. The music was so innovating and I neevr got bored. And to have this version too. WHOOO!! <3

Reminds me of the epic battle scene I had once, dressed as Laguna as a Soldier. :3 GOOD TIMES. <3

Gario responds:

Thanks for the kind words... wait, you dressed as Laguna in an epic battle?

Man, I'd figure that kind of outfit would wear you down at least a little bit, eh?


I Knew This Would Be Good Before I Even Clicked It, Just Started The Game Up Again Last Week And This Song Is The All Time Best In The Game :]