Reviews for "Laguna - Golden Machine Gun"

pupmed my brain through a tube untill it poped

love this so epic it reminds me of an boss fight or at least the levels right befor where the boss is chaseing u down a coridor just be4 u fight him

Good Stuff!

Excellent remix man this is one of my favs and it's a helluva job doing what you did! 10 stars and 5 on the vote a download for sure!

Whoa, awesome.

You use Reason? I do too :D

This is a real nice blend of instruments. AWESOME work, man!

DL'd for sure :D

Gario responds:

Why yes I do use Reason. Reason 3.0, to be precise... damn I wish I had access to THOR :(

Glad you liked it, though - power to you, fellow Reason user.

This is great

Love the chip tune use, and its really great overall..

I love the Arps

How do u get such awesome arpeggios? Which synthesizer have u used?
I just love the chip sounds. Can't get enough of that nostalgic music.

Gario responds:

Hmm... Arpeggios? I actually don't have many arpeggios in this track that isn't from the source, so I guess that means I get em' from Nobuo Uematsu, lol. They aren't programed, if that's what you mean - I simply hand wrote them in the sequencer.

As for the synths, because I use Reason 3.0's onboard synths I have to make do with Malstrom and Subtractor (that includes the chiptune effects - they're simply square, saw and triangle waves, so it's easy to replicate). If you use Rewire you could connect Reason synths to FL, if you wanted to (a lot of people do this, because of the onboard synth power of Reason).

Glad you appreciated the music - always a pleasure to see my hard work pay off :)