Reviews for "NightmareCity:Catastrophe"


*Raping the replay button*


This is a very good animation.You guys should try to make a movie out of it.And for everyone,please read my explanation of the movie in the first par(Nigthmare City)
Thx and have a good day.

As TMNT said!

Totaly Awsome


?????? What?


Jeez. For a music video, these are genuinely incredible. I admit I personally liked the first one's music better, but the story was taken to a whole new world with this one (and if I may say so, the Garaku no kamisama vid made by O-sen, even if it was only a remake-parody). The ending of this one was especially good. I found myself rewatching it several times even if only to see the pink and yellow ones together again before they're (apparently) ripped away from each other. It's a powerful moment and it really makes me want to know more about what's going on, even if only for the sake of even better understanding the emotion of that one moment.

I realize that where I'm probably not alone in this opinion, I am of equal probability that the scene which would hit other viewers the hardest would be something else entirely. But I think the overall wish to better understand the situation so as to better enjoy these videos would be the same. That said, I wonder if you have any plans for releasing more installments, or perhaps some kind of written piece that gives some insight on the background. Such a thing would prove highly beneficail to all fans of these works.