Reviews for "NightmareCity:Catastrophe"

Pretty gay..

..to be honest.

Where did this whole craze come from is what I want to know. 'Animals that move like humans fighting to horrible music'.

I liked the flow of it all, but that's about it.

It was good and I think I understand the story

It took me about 4 re runs to understand the full extent of your flashfilms. But before I get to that REVIEW TIME: Dude, your graphics are awesome, being a person that wants to make good flash one day, just about everything was very smooth save for a few parts in the fight scenes like with the girl and her friends ran towards to screen to fight the white long limbed cats but these things are easily forgivable knowing that I cannot do something like that yet.

Your style was also superb as was your story, which I will try to explain later.

The music you used fit very very well in my opinion, though I didnt understand a word of it except for "Southern Cross" or "Northern Lights." It was so good, in fact that I spent some time looking for the artist to download the two songs used in your animations. Send my regards to them and encouragement to continue making music.

The fighting and violence were very awesome, though I noticed you re-used the truck scene from a flash expo animation I saw on your website. And also, I understand it is VERY VERY hard to be totally original. The morons that smack your work for being un original or fakes or copies of video games should all be shot. They should know that there are over SIX BILLION people living on earth with more than a billion of people with internet access. Many things have been discovered, so many in fact that it seems like a few things are left to discover.....

As for humor, well.... ummm...... the guy being blown up in mid-air?

now for my take on the story. please author comment if I am wrong but Nightmare city looked to be a part of a virtual MMORPG like that dot hack show right? the scenes with the text kind of gave it away. there were people lying on technological beds in a few scenes, and exploding servers in another. The way the girl disappeared was also pretty obvious. So basically the protagonist and the people fighting for freedom from the city were one of the many players trapped inside of the game by some evil entity that may not be the blue cat. th e main protagonist, actively tried to escape with the girl he fell in love with only to find that she said that she couldn't leave in the first film. But being trapped on the other side of a virtual firewall like program, he promised to come back and save her. so in the second film, all the protagonists fight a desperate battle of survival now and th e protagonist comes back to fufill his promise, but of course the girl "dies" and he gets pissed off like class and awesome hero cliche and destroys the blue cat. The blue cat must of been a representation of the servers or something because when they blue, the virtual world all the people were in started to unravel taking the protagonists love with it. What irony and cruelty involved. That was original. So then the people trapped get freed from the game and are free to live their lives in real life. Now I am assuming that in real life all the characters, save for the virtual ones, are human playing a game where the cat race, half cat races, and humans are available or something.

well I've got to say, your story was, no is very interesting, and all the people commenting on WTF was the story are a bunch of nimrods, or little kids, that do not have the patiance to understand or to analyze.... maybe it will be drilled into their thick skulls in high school English courses.....


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| | Wow... Never have i seen something, So... So... Wow... Im
| | speachless... I would have never seen something like this on
\ / Newgrounds... If i hadn't looked for it, I would have never
~ seen something so great. I swear for drama this one owns
all my points for the time being, But as people progress and
^ learn... Better flashes will be made. Stay at the top.
(tried to make a droped jaw) Zerx


Awesome....simply awesome this has amazing action and story and that mixed with your style and music its amazing i cant wait till the next one

oh and i kinda hoped for something with more into the story but your style works so i really wouldnt mind if you just kept it as it is


It was so sad when she offerd her life for him.
Amazing choice of music,
And an amazing flash.