Reviews for "NightmareCity:Catastrophe"


I have watched this video dozens of time, and yet I never get tired of it. The climax scene almost still makes me tear up. Such an amazing and curious story, I would love to see a written script of the plot.

Totally Awesome. I'm not a guy who usually watches furry vids, but this is an exception!

pretty good, but the vocals of the singer sounded (nothing offensive meant by this) retarded and the lyrics screen seemed to break the flow of what i was watching (it sounded like a cheesy pickup line). but the animation itself was quite good.

Okay, this is the story as far as i can see. After seeing the easter egg in the first one, i see that this is a dream city, one with AIs. The AIs are the only ones who can summon energy(possibly data) weapons. When you die in the dream, you... die. The pink is the only good guy AI. Nobody except the blue AI and the brown real guy knew the pink one was an AI. The orange guy saw brown's accusation(was shocked), then she summoned her weapon and then it was obvious. The reason the orange guy had an energy weapon was because of the dream world giving you what i assume is your "weapon of choice", and as he was given better weapons becuase of his changing heart. He attained the pink AI's energy. This is why she came to him as a more human-like in the end, she didn't die because he had her energy. BTW, humans here are unpredictable. The AIs are. The AIs, however, have weapons with NO MASS. AKA they can swing and dodge much faster, making them better. When the human(unpredictable) got an energy weapon, he had both advantages and kicked some ass. The whole point of this was that they wanted out of the dream city, by means of an exit point. When he tried to leave in the first one, the pink one was an AI, and couldn't leave. When she made him leave, he went back into the dream world, wondering why she wouldn't leave(she never told him she was an AI). The blue one, thought she was on his side when he attacked the orange one. When she wasn't this of course, pissed him off. You can see him pissed off and attacking her at the end of the first, and in the middle of this one. This is, as far as i can tell, the whole story.