Reviews for "NightmareCity:Catastrophe"

first of all......wtf

i did not a exspect some meme realated kittys fightign in a random japanese anime but besides that it was good

Those cats!

I was surprised that this did not have a lot of internet memes in it. Anyway, this was a great submission because it reminded me of something like "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children". You know, with the big swords and the angelic music. Obviously, the flawless animation is the strongest point of it. I am not a furry, so it was a little weird to see those cats look so much like humans. Of course, this had fantastic action in it and I love how there is so much buoyancy and depth to everybody.

Where did you go?

I was just wondering... if you could make another one? You had... so much potential. Just... Just hoping. Thank you. -ChemIisan

AWSOME whats the name of the song and the band

AWSOME but whats the name of the song and the band that sings it i cant find it.


Just what I'd expect after the first one! Great job again! Though that first hand to hand combat was... a little... off. Other than that, this was perfect! Keep up the good work!