Reviews for "DS Christmas Quiz"

game of the month

+++++ As always, the questions are intelligently posed and the responses are well written, both informative and mildly amusing.
You start off with a couple of easy questions to get us in the mood, then soon go into realms where we'll be more unsure.

+++ Some great reference photos, etc. throughout.

+++ Level indicators show well that we've passed a checkpoint. All too often, checkpoints in these games aren't apparent.

+++ You prevented cheating!

++ 'level' text is fairly well drawn. Specially as it seems to be brush-drawn. I suggest you learn the sub-select tool and use that to clean up such things to make them cleaner though. Also, the numbers should have been drawn by yourself too, to match better.

+ I like being mentioned. Not as much as being caricatured, but still makes me smile. Thanks!

+ I do like the cheerful animations.

- I think the graphics are slightly messy Just the way the pictures of the buttons overlap, the text overlaps with the pics... and the final frame is way too messy - looks appealing and maybe good for a sketchbook page, but not for a menu. The constant animation means we notice the rollOver changes less, so it's ever-so-slightly tricky finding the buttons.
I just felt it could have been laid out better, generally.

-- I don't like the text for question 2 - specially the 'explanation' afterwards. Got it right, but you use a couple of terms that it'd be nice to explain.

--- The text working as the hitbox annoys me because the text doesn't change colour. I think it should, as that's where our focus is and you need to show more clearly what exactly we're interacting with.

----- tab still works.
hint: paste this onto your init frame (first frame, which should initialise stuff)
//right-click menu doesn't show.
Stage.showMenu = false;
//yellow rectangle doesn't show
_root._focusrect = false;

?????? Seriously, dude. It's about time you learnt how to use variables. Even if you want to keep it so that we go back after an incorrect answer (which would be maybe a fair enough design decision. With obvious, well-spaced checkpoints, interesting animations and responses, it's not annoying here) you could maybe show a score at the end.

Played, getting 4 questions wrong. A couple of lucky guesses. Played a 2nd time, getting all right.

Really enjoyed it. Learnt some stuff (Silent Night<=Hungary; Fat Santa<=US cartoonist) and enjoyed it all. It just has a kinda messy, unpolished vibe to it, that lets it down slightly.

Oh, and the headless chicken story was amazing! I notice they don't have any festivities for 2007 listed. I'd like to go to the US for a year maybe. Maybe I could go to Colorado for that festival...

Probably my second favourite game of the month, after James the Christmas Zebra.

IceDragon64 responds:

"Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed, appropriately, when I saw the length of this one!
I created this quiz partly with you in mind, so I am very pleased to have hit the spot with it.
- level text is NOT hand drawn its "Trendy" and its supposed to look like that- including the non matching numerals- I might change it cos I agree with you anyway!
-I spend hours trying to get all the pic and text in size and place, but as I keep inserting new ideas it gets hard! I will review these issues.
-i realise that the final Congrats page is not going to be to everyone's taste, but it fits with the image in my mind of the culmination of the 12 days of christmas theme- the manic horde of birds etc. on the final day. I confess I don't always plan where the menu should be and this time I deicded to go crazy and put it all together as part of the easter egg challenge- the result is designed to make the assembled Dragons & Spirits go bananas at the Official Viewing!
-I'm open to suggestions on Q 2. I take your point; I couldn't think of a better way to phrase the question without giving away the answer. The source facts are mostly from Wiki "Christmas".
-Text is never supposed to be my hitbox. I hate that- you click the area and miss the text so it doesnt work! Where is it? My text usually changes colour - only when the text is an overlay and not part of the button is it supposed to not change. I will hunt down any that don't change. I will try and work on the details of hit area and button interaction.
-I don't understand the reference to tab- I assume this is another method of cheating. I figured out the anti- cheat for DS Halloween for myself but thanks for the coding. I will ask Codester to explain it to me.
-I really have no experience of coding/programming and know no more codes than I use here, so 'variables' means little to me. Obviously this is how you keep scores and I think your idea of scoring whilst dying is good!
-Thanks for letting me know your score. It is useful for us.
-you're too young to forget in 5 minutes: Silent Night is Austria and baby Jesus giftbringer is Hungary!
Never mind!
It IS a bit unpolished. I am still working at the edge of my ability and everything that I change changes something else so it takes hours and hours to get it right!
SO glad you liked Mike- The D&S discuss it over and over again!
I am honoured to be mentioned in the same sentance as James the Christmas Zebra. Why do we like JCZ so much? its a really fairly simple game. Its because its called James the Christmas Zebra, really, with that perfect intro!
Best Wishes,

cool one

that was a nice christmas quiz. some of the questions were rather simple, but some of them were really really difficult.... mainly because i either had zero clue what the question was or i'd never know that fact about christmas until now.
nice job on this one, it was good.

IceDragon64 responds:

So glad you liked it. If you have any ideas for improvement, please pm me any time.
Best Wishes,


^^Good Points^^
I like the amount of effort you put into this quiz. All of the answers that weren't really obvious at all and were pretty plausible. I found myself not being able to eliminate anything on most questions that I didn't know. It's also neat how you give a description of every wrong and right answer. Very educational. This had lots of pictures too, which is good. Overall an above average quiz.

^^Needs Improving^^
Yeah, the images were good, but they just didn't go well with the plain backgrounds. perhaps you could add some borders to your pictures just to make them fit in more. Also, music should be turned off by some kind of button. Gets annoying after a while.

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you for your detailed review. It seems you got just what I was hoping for out of it!
Glad you liked the movie clips; its a new step for me. i confess I dropped them into my standard DS Quiz template without even thinking of a bgd. I will see what I can do. I will definately put a music off button in all my subs when I learn how!
Best Wishes,

good quiz..

pretty hard.. i had to search at wikipedia twice.. some nice faqs about x-mas:)

IceDragon64 responds:

You are the second person who had "admitted cheating" by looking on the internet for the answers. Since I am a Wikipedian (IceDragon64, of course!) this pleases me greatly. I had no idea people would be that determined! This is my top scoring sub and almost all the reviews are about how people enjoyed the quiz itself and really want to find things out- a far cry from what one might think was the all- important blood and swearing one finds so much of here!

Thats not true

It wasn't the feast of yule tide. That may be a norse custom, but it originated from the feast of the unconquered sun by the romans, otherwise known to us as the winter solstice. Christianity was not very strong in that area of the world yet, if at all there, it was in the early 300's they started to celebrate Christ's birth by the way.

IceDragon64 responds:

It is clear that parts of the modern Christmas come from various different festivals in different cultures. It is true that the evidence points to Sol Invicta being an important pagan celebration that the early Christians were concerned with overlaying with the invention of Christmas. However, there is a major difference between pointing out Sol Invicta and telling me I'm wrong. Unless you have evidence that Sol Invicta was started before Yule your statement "Thats not true" is unreasonable and a hostile headline to a review. You have not proven me wrong. How strong Christianity was is irrelevant, the point is that the people of the holy lands (early Christians, Jews, Muslims etc.) didn't celebrate birthdays and Chirst was probably born in the spring anyway. The date that Rome decided to officially celebrate Christmas- 350 AD- is in one of the answers in the quiz. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to find soneone interested in these things, but I actually spend hours researching these quizzes before choosing the words. Despite your tone I thank you for reminding me of Sol Invicta and I have put it into the right answer.
Best Wishes,
IceDragon64 of the Dragons & Spirits