Reviews for "Snow Line"

Good game.

Fun but the drawing gets to be rough and the fact that it sometimes keeps drawing.

Funny,fun but a few glicths

The good:It's funny and people maked and I got very hooked on the game.

The bad:Somtimes when your done drawing the line your still drawing(Means like your drawing with out clicking.

Excellent game

I won it

Not original, but not bad

Guys if you look back at the history of games almost every game out today is really just a second look at or improvement of numerous games from the past.

Line rider certainly isn't the first game to ever have the user draw a line that a physics-based object rides along, and it's certainly not the last. For that, I'm glad because this game does bring some unique perspective to what line rider offered - the proof is in the fact that I have played line rider to my heart's content and yet I still found myself playing this game. If this game was no different than line rider, I wouldn't bother playing it.

With that said what I like most about the game is the nice level transition screen - it gives a sense of accomplishment and real progress between levels, as well as a sense of a change in location.

What I like least is the music, which was nothing but synthesized versions of a few christmas songs looped over and over. In fact it honestly sounds like they're midi files imported into flash?

And as a side note, the gauge in the upper-right hand corner that shows how much I have left to draw with... I think you meant for that to look like a pencil or crayon, but to me it looks like a stubby condom and I don't really feel like talking about why it's white... lol

a fun game if you like line rider

its acool game a line rider remix