Reviews for "Snow Line"

ifailtestsnot, you are right.

for those that say it is stolen from miniclip, please look at the author's username. he is miniclip himself. i had to make this speech for his bubble trubble. Just because its on another website, it doesn't mean he stole it. you need to look a little deeper than what your looking.

for those that say it is stolen from line rider, please note. Line rider was made when I was about, 11. Before then, say at age seven, an addiction formed for a game called sk8r line. you drew a line, like this one, and the skateboarder would ride down and up. (if the hill wasn't too steep). As a reviewer before me said, line rider is not the first of its kind, and surely not the last.
Now to the real review.

Graphics: 9. You outdid yourself this time miniclip. The drawings were nice. But it kind of gave me a headache.

Style: 9. If this really were line rider, I would have put it at a seven. But this is a nine, because there's something you have to do, then hit the finish line. I like that.

Sound: 10. Love christmas themes. love, love, loove 'em! The level theme was my favorite.

Violence: 0. You couldn't see santa crash. Can't give you anything there.

Interactivity: 10. It's not just a game, it's a game where you draw the course!

Humor: 7. The spinning hat thingie was kinda funny.

Overall: 6. It wasn't really that impressive though. You can do better. I know you can.


I finished the game in 10minutes it was too easy but I enjoyed it.

The graphics are are good I especially liked the snow. Good style kind of weird that his hat turns when you get a gift.

Good quality music but no sound when santa fells. I like using the pen it's great but there was too much ink I usually finished with 3/4 full.

Humor: At the last level my santa those a triple backflip and another double backflip sucessfully landing both it was plain awesome.

Not enough levels and you only get to use the santa icon(making you smaller) once I would have liked something more challenging.



Well Done! but...

The idea is kind of old. Still great job, but I'm just starting to get sick of this type of game, might just be me though


This is awesome! but one thing...THE FREAKING "Ice Tunnel" LEVEL IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Line rider

This is pretty much Line rider with Santa and a line limit