Reviews for "Snow Line"


this is the game that gets me sent out of my i.t lessons. but its worth it lol. coool game


I didn't have any trouble for a single level. (except for the last one, it took me 20 minutes.) Also, I scored 11403 points after finishing the game, more points than most of you may had.

Here is a tip, try to draw as little as possible, therefore, you'll get a bigger bonus, and possibly more than 10000 points once you reach the end.

Anyways, Nice game. =D

fun game :-)

great!but one thing,i have da same track of snow riten,& sumtimes santa has different fates so it takes me a wile 2 fix da snow. p.s. MY score(better than "megamanJ") was 9829!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA


Nice game! Too bad the high scores were for miniclip only :(. My score was 9030 :)

good but hard

couldnt beat summit...noooooooooooo