Reviews for "Snow Line"

Loved it

What a great game! I would have appreciated an eraser function (although it is entirely possible one existed and I overlooked it). Challenging for subpar-skilled me, fun, kept me going, but as it is late I had to give up on the last level out of sleepiness. Very awesome endeavor. Would love to see more.


nice i spent half the time at the summit lvl, maybe 10 min, my fianl design(not by choise, but accident) had 3 backflips involved!

The best is always coming from you guys

This impressive game very much reminded me of Line Rider/Flyer but this one had an actual objective/mission (whatever you want to call it). The obstacles in the game are very devious challenges that try to keep you from getting the presents. The only small downside is that the song looped too quickly and that there wasn't a song selection in case you get bored of the current song. Also, being able to choose your character to journey on this mountain would've been nice. So that's about it. Great game, great idea, peace out!

Nice game, mate!

It is a very addictive game to play with, my mate. I like the fact that your lines have to be perfect in order to pass some late stages. The game is very challenging, I like it.

cool one

a very simple game, but it was pretty fun to play, nice graphics, a good time waster and your efforts were nice. a bigger challenge would've made it a little more enjoyable i think though.