Reviews for "Snow Line"

Review form Tabe

So true Pytheon so true..lol,anyway this game is fun(even though its like a copy from line ryder).Its pretty cool game to play if you bord or whatever

Pytheon Your on acid

This game is almost the friggin bomb. I like it alot.

Pytheon is just jealous because he cant make anything good. So this game rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Completely average Q_Q

The gameplay would've been a dramatic improvement if you had actually made an eraser cursor instead of that undo button that just deletes the last thing someone made. Perhaps you're satisfied with the last line someone made but you wanna get rid of one somewhere at the beginning, you either gotta delete everything, {OUCH!!!} or hit the undo button several times. And maybe that line you made at the end was nearly impossible to perfect. I was tolerant enough to make it to "Chaos Mountain" or something like that. I commend anyone who made it farther. If you add the eraser cursor this game will be a 7 and more people will vote 5. Thank you. :)


Well for one thing this IS a game, while linerider (in the words of its own creator) is a toy. And yes it does share the same concept of linerider but so what? Would you say Halo, Quake or Duke Nukem 3D were bad just because they shared the basic mechanics of the original DOOM game?


I do not either like this game... The Graphics, music etc. was all right. But its all a bad copy of the orignal linerider game. So if anyone enjoyed this game, you will love the real (linerider) game.