Reviews for "Carol of the Robots"

Brilliantly Original

I cannot say anything bad about this piece. Its genuinely inspiring and just completely original. I love the combination of the keyboarding robots with the little guy. Its a somber and sweet piece.

Nice work I hope to see plenty more from you.

Merry Christmas!

Very nice!

I love the mixture of different tones and sounds in your virsion of "Carol of the Bells". It was quite hard for me to understand the actualy point, which there probably is none, but this was awesome. This has to be the most original peice yet from you. I admire lots fo your works so no doubt, this was very nice, indeed! Like the guy before, it needs a little touching up. And somehow, i don't know if this is supposed t be humorous, it made me laugh :D Overall; nice job!


i never knew robots had pianos on them




that was so good, loved the upbeat twist to the song. great job