Reviews for "Carol of the Robots"


Bro This is amazing i can tell ya i love this i listen it like 100 times when something is loading for long i turn this on and listen but how do u make sounds and how did u make and with what did u make it this is cool :3 10/10 5/5 :333333


this is the only christmas song I thought that coulden't get any better but Dustball just made it a whole freaking lot better!!!!!!!! =)


this only works with robots.
if they were humans.
and some kid was walking through the park, only to be interrupted by two fullgrown men, singing and playing with their chests...
they would probably be arrested XD

ok down to bussiness.

this is a good allround video.
no real flaws to speak of.
im finding myself to be a fan of most of your work.
keep it up ^.^


Great job! I absolutely loved this! :)


That was impressive and awesome I'm not sure which but it was great. Great animation work.