Reviews for "Carol of the Robots"


Simply simply great thier is nothing more that i can say...



Really liked it

good job!

always been my favorite song

my favorite chrismas song, period, youv'e done it, you've gone on my favorite artist list just because of the music you've done (dad n' me must have bee especialy difficult) but yea, that how it gose, nice job

Very nice.

Graphics: 7. The graphics were ok.
Style: 9. This was a very original idea. And I love how you did it.
Sound: 10. The song made my ears orgasm.
Violence: 0. none.
Interactivity: 3. As far as "interactivity" goes, it was not bad.
Humor: 2. This flash was cute, cool, and awesome, but not very funny.
Overall: 9. Awesome. Very well done. I have no criticism on this. Bravo!

needs just a pinch of humor

like World Domination Battle game, with the stupid Prince of Persia, , maybe the robot not doing music mught have danced. Just a thought.