Reviews for "Carol of the Robots"


Hey, great job with this (seems I missed it in last years collection, sorry) this is without a doubt one of the finest flashes I have ever seen in a christmas collection.
Great job, and thanks for sharing this!
I love Carol of the Bells.


Greetings Dustball,

I really like the Carol of the Robots Flash. Are one of those submissions that I just watch over and over again. Great work. Congratulations!

Is the song available for download anywhere? It's a very nice arrangement! Good work! Really addictive great stuff. Keep 'em coming.

I really appreciate if you can tell me where I can download this music in mp3 or something.

Thank you and keep the good job.



Animation and arrangement was great. Sad it is so short.


I must say, a really good movie!
Really like the music as well :)


EXELENT EXELENT EXELENT!!!!!!!!OHEMGEE Ur an artist and ur very good at music Well done!!!