Reviews for "An Unforgotten Christmas"

nicely done!

i enjoyed it a lot! i think you may want to consider getting your brother to do some of the other lines, but it was great! i loved every second of it!

Sirschmoopy responds:

There are three characters. It doesn't make sence if other people do the lines of people Rob and Mike are pretending to play.

Here's some constructive criticism:

This flash was just as good as any of the others. Period. Introduction of any new characters, female or otherwise, is a good thing. Keep up the good work.


We need a ruby from the hoof of a unicorn...are you sure because you look real horny!

Keep It Up Dude.

Dude, Nice. I Believe you can keep it up and pwn newgrounds. Dude i was down in the dumps and the Montage cheered me up. Thanks, i owe you one.

I believe the graphics were Ok, preety funn (no offence)

The humor was awesome "I Search For Traps "Ya Nice Move Cindy, Hmm Hmm"

The Song Cheered Me Up And Made Me Happy, I Owe Ya One.

The Idea for the video was awesome! i miss the olny DM game and i love it, but im to lazy to learn how to code.

Finnaley, Overall, this is one of the best seriers and flashed i ever has seen.

One of my favorite parts (during the montage) was when Sir Schmoopy Used The Ring of fire and got 20's. You should make more battles. thats the olny thing u need because i enjoy violence. but for the rest. you are awesome, is till give u my 5. and i vote 10. good Job!


i love this series and have been watching and rewatching the eposodes since before i knew about newgrounds. i think that the idea of introducing another charactor was one of your best because it allows so many more jokes. 5/5 10/10