Reviews for "An Unforgotten Christmas"

Man, Awesome stuff.

Ive actually named my guy on the new Pokemon game "Shmoopy". Awesome shit, my favorite series on Newgrounds so far. Feel Proud.

-- God Bless, from 1upkingdom.


That is Officially my favorite Unforgotten realms thin in existence. Cindy should be made a full time character.

Awesome...beyond compare

This video is awesome, in every single way. I loved how he always got Cindy's(or was it Mindy's?) name wrong, and how Schmoopy all of a sudden floated up and Eluamous is saying, "Bad Rob. No, no bad Rob down down Rob!", or something like that. Rob, you are the single funniest man on the internet. URealms, Jimmy, Time Gnomes, man you are on a roll. W00t!

totally kind of awesome

This thing was hilarious- ivory ^_^
Good job!

that ruled

that was funny when he got kicked by the horse