Reviews for "An Unforgotten Christmas"

really great video

that has to be the greatest christmas special ever made. It introduces a new character, makes great jokes, and entertains. But since when is centaur a race, and what the heck class would it play...druid?! Whatever.


Man I'm in the forums at Urealms.com but I can't help but watch this so many times.
It's so funny and its a nice little change from the normal adventures in Unforgotten Realms.
I hope Sir Schmoopy will make more christmas episodes in the future :)


You should introduce a character that is a battle mech pilot, and IDC if it's not an official job, mechs own!! Also I think Franensense and Myrrh are valuable spices from the middle east.


They listed this in the Christmas 2008 section when it was released in 2006! Oh and the flash was pretty damn funny too.


"What the hell was that for?"
"You did something while I was gone."