Reviews for "An Unforgotten Christmas"

Not too shabby.

What this could REALLY benefit from is some optimization. It dropped down to only one or two frames a second on my machine, which isn't a very old machine. If you go into File > Compact and Save it will cut your file size down a bit and make it run faster on export. Also you can go through your flash and on each keyframe go to Modify > Shape > Optimize Shape to get rid of unnecessary corners and lines in your flash drawings. Both of these techniques will give you a smaller better running flash.

Sirschmoopy responds:

You're machine must be god awful, as is your review.


A christmas spectacle for all to see! I personaly loved the whole 1 minute intro... it was deffinetly the best part! Rofl. Grats on Seventh episode, er, eigth if you count episode 40 billion...


Another great flash movie. The new character is amazing and the jokes keep getting better and better. sweet name rob...

forgotten realms heh

im giving you your fair rating for half of the people on newgrounds do not even have flash and thier review are bullshit. This was original, funny, and slightly random, and I five'd it. I hope this gets protected, because it looked good.