Reviews for "An Unforgotten Christmas"


"One does not simply walk within Wall-Mort's Doors."

Ahh Christmas.

What a beautiful side quest with a wonderfully voiced guest actress. Amusing as always, though I don't recall seeing the Hand of God. An epic list of rare items though, seriously. Great job (Y)



Anime needs a little work. Voices are good. But it is good.

frankincense n Myrrh

obtained from African and Asian trees of the genus Boswellia and used chiefly as incense and in perfumes.

obtained from several trees and shrubs of the genus Commiphora of India, Arabia, and eastern Africa, used in perfume and incense. Also called balm of Gilead .


Best episode ever Rina-Chan was in this one she was always a great voice actor

Cindy: Can I kill him yet?
Mike: Go ahead