Reviews for "An Unforgotten Christmas"

Ho ho hoes

This was truly great. It isn't as good as the real episodes, seeing as how you not only strayed completely away from the storyline, but where are P. Tea and Joch? The new girl, Cindy, if that is her real name, was cool. Long have I awaited both a third caracter and a female character. This kills two birds with one stone. Of course it would bring me and my buddies who I watch all the new episodes with, If she stayed i the script. Then again I think shes that one girl Kagome that does like ten billion voices a week, so I understand why that may not be possible. By the way, I did notice that this team of heroes has nearly everyone. A magic caster, a warrior, an odd card, and a pet, as well as the side guy whos always good for a laugh. But I think your missing something. You need the raging alchoholic with a big sword or axe. Not that I'm saying you need it, but it might be enjoyable. I just wish I could voice him since that's my D&D character to a T. If you could find the time to think it over I'd be grateful. But of course I'm not telling you how to do your job. Anyway, keep the movies coming. There the only thing keeping me from going on a drunken frenzy of violence, comedic situations, and possibly sexy song and dance.


Well, this was good but can't compare to the other episodes. Rob and Mike sounded great, but Cindy sounded like she had to work at points to say her line. Tune it up and I think this will be nice!

good job

I love these keep em comeing the graphics suck but who cares
Frankensense is a insent (smelly thing)
and myer is an imbolmig fluid (stuff you put on dead bodies to preserve them) or it may be the other way around
anyway keep up the good work

A change of pace for you

I'd have to say this didnt quite stack up to the other episodes in ters of number, nor quality of puns. That being said it was still very well made, and it is good to see you continueing to try new things in terms of plot/character interaction as well as visually. Keep up the great work... and maybe quit your day job

Sirschmoopy responds:

I already quit my day job!


My favorite part was "Bad rob, no rob, down rob." lol

But robs voice changed from Episode 5 & 6. can you make it sound like the voice from episode 5&6..it sounds better.