Reviews for "An Unforgotten Christmas"


This is a great ep :D THNX SCHMOOPY!!!! lol i asked someone who knows and they told me Frankincense and Myrrh (ya thats how u spell i googled them) were actually rare spices given to baby jesus. Ya…seriously


As always, a laugh riot!

A wonderful submission, your work is always funny as hell!

And Frankinsence and Myrrh (Or however the hell you spell it) are types of incense said to cleanse an area and fill a person with strength, health, and financial success.

w00t for my wife's aromatherapy books.


Wow, this was great. i have been to your website a few dozen frikin times and it is awesome. graphics, well most people hate crap graphics but the way you do them matches your style. very good.style. no body does these as well as you. eazily 10.sound. i love nes and the montage music was pretty funny.violence.slap.slap.slap.
slap.stab.stab.stab.stab.VIOLE NCE IS GOOD KIDS!!interactivity. well, it IS a movie so not really anything to do except load it up and click crap. whatever. who cares?humor. just watch your own movie and you will easily see why it is so high if you are actually questioning this.overall.DUH!
i voted 5. YAAAAY!
good job. sRY IyE meh Teh N00B. i WAtCh Muvi fIRst tyME.(by the way tht was a joke not really, but what i just sayed was pretty stupid anyway. you probably already knew that)



hehehe sir schmoopy got slap sevral times. i think mindy.... no cindy should be in some other episodes. If u could put a character in 4 me?


great movie it made me almost piss my pants. and seriously wtf is franconsence and myrh