Reviews for "Corporate Dummy Extended"


It was not improved by adding the extra length. The old one had a snappy punchline, this one drags on for too long without any really interesting new stuff. I like them both, but the old one is much better.


This is a really good Flash movie. The Grafics are very good, the movie is depend on the song. so go on and make much more of that ;)

greez Stuga

good; suffers from generic music video qualities

i love music videos, i really do. however, this one falls short of my expectations. when i see a music video, i don't want to see repetition. Future is an amazing example of that. no parts in it are repeated, much unlike this one.

your art style is wearing on my nerves. it's getting to be a little bit annoying, just how they have shadows over their eyes and such. the little 3d effect at the beginning was nice, but maybe you should have tossed in some more eye candy throughout the movie. it's kind of like a snow-cone. all the flavor tends to drip down to the bottom, forcing you to eat through the less flavorful ice, although in this case, it's reversed, in that the most flavorful was at the top, and it started getting crappier toward the bottom. the best part was at the beginning, because all of it was new, but toward the middle and end, you just recycled things from before.

the one thing that made this movie remotely bearable was the music. not only was the music itself fairly good, but it was in german, and it was interesting to realize that i could actually understand some of it, because i'm in my 2nd year of german class in high school. the music was fairly repetitive as well, which sort of detracted from its overall quality.

all in all, a fairly good flash, brought down by omniscient repetitiveness.


i get it hes a crash test dummy.....right?

Loved it before...

...And I still loved it now, nice job on getting this to be the official music video, it's a great, sarcastic movie, with a great, sarcastic song.