Reviews for "A Very Twizted Christmas"

Too F**kin Awesome!!!

Hells yeah!! The xmas "Gin & Juice" remake is awesome, too... I might as well mention that I make ICP Chopped & Screwed mixes... Thinkin about doin "Red Christmas"... I submitted a mix (LP, In The End) to the Audio Portal... I'm waiting to see if I'm approved... Anyways, awesome work, bro... Juggalos 4 Life...

---Peace Out and MCL,
---Ghetto Joe

good lookin

i was expectin to see the whole song instead of the intro, but it was fresh family. mmfcl

can neva get enough

of that twiztid shit 10 for sure mmfwcl

best xmas flash ever!

the voice acting was wicked to man XD

Hella Old

It's great when ur bored and start typing in the search bar. Much much much love for doing ALL the skits. Even from Riddlebox and Tunnle, its amazing how funny and accurate you got them. If you did one from BangPow that would be the shit.