Reviews for "A Very Twizted Christmas"

Nice Graphics

Good sound, nice graphics, some humor. Good!
The graphics are good combined with the sound. GOOD FLASH!

Haha, love the characters

the voices and characters fitted the style of the graphics. Nice job and keep em coming. Specially liked the guy that kept spitting :P

Very good job

Very nice work, I love Twiztid and have most of their albums. I remember this intro to a song and I forget where it is. The graphics could use a little bit of work though. Great work.
Juggalos 4 life.

Woo!! Frontpage ;-)

This movie is fricking funny! Great dialogue, keep that up. I liked you're style but maybe for a next movie a little touch up on the graphics.

Overall: Cool movie, gave me a decent laugh due to the funny dialogue!


That was truely excellent!

Well done.

(Cool, my vote was the one that put the submission through :D )