Reviews for "A Very Twizted Christmas"

hahahaha xD

That was soooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!

Make more

BIg Stank and Lil Poot Are At It Again!!!

Nice turn around switching tha characters, hope that will keep tha A.D.D Juggalos busy (j/k) This Sketch was I think a year after Big Money Hu$tla$ came out (If I'm wrong then I smoked alot of pot LOL)


I always thought Madrox and Monoxide Child Kicked ass, the video really fit except Madrox is a fat white guy and Monoxide Child is a skinny white guy, I loved you I didn't mean to kill em'

Santa Fo Life Foo

*giggles* It's funny seeing Mono and Madrox's voices on people who look nothing like them, but I give you props on this anyway. I've never imagined Mono's voice on a fat kid... Or Madrox's on a skinny guy... Either way, it's very well done, and it made me smile. I love Twiztid, and this was the perfect representation of that little skit.

Just one thing...

The guy who has the lisp is skinny, and the one who talks good is the fatter one.